Accurate Boring Company Info.

Accurate Boring maintains our equipment to the American Machine Tool Builders Association standards. Equipment is certified and maintained with NIST trace ability on an ongoing basis by an independent third party inspection company.

We have an in house preventative maintenance program to ensure machine calibration and gage R&R are completed in the required timeframe.

Our FARO Laser Tracker is an important tool in making sure that large tools are checked and traceable prior to shipping. In addition the tracker allows us to gather spc information to access equipment tolerance trends between machine calibrations.


  • Over 30 Years of Quality Service
  • Large Boring Mill Capacity
  • Close Tolerance Table Mills
  • Laser inspection available
  • C.N.C. with CAD/CAM Support
  • 80,000 Lb. Handling Capacity
  • 26,000 Sq Ft. Manufacturing Facility
  • Complete fabrication and single source build to print
  • ISO Certified 9001:2000

Equipment List

Horizontal CNC Floor Mills
MAXF 5 Axis X=354" Y-137" Z=43" W=35" A=45° C=360°
6" spindle - 10,000 RPM - 90° head
G60F X=360" Y=144" W=20" Z=42"
6" spindle - 2500 RPM - 90° head
Vertical CNC Bridge Mills
MVR35 X=244" Y=137" Z=27" W=43"
6,000 RPM - 90° & universal heads
128" between columns
MPF 2640C X=157" Y=102" Z=28"
10,000 RPM - 90° & universal heads
102" between columns
MVS25 X=165" Y=98" Z=72"
4,000 RPM - 90° & universal heads
98" between columns
Horizontal Table Mills
BFT13 X=116" Y=82" Z=60" W=36"
5" spindle 1,200 RPM - 90° head
Plain table with rotary table
B105S X=76" Y=50" Z=44" W=28"
4" spindle 1,000 RPM - 90° head
Rotary table

All Mills Supported By Readouts • Complete Fabrication and Single Source Built to Print • Laser Inspection Services • ISO Certified 9001:2000