Vertical CNC Bridge Mills

Operated by our expert machinists, our Vertical milling and machining centers produce quality, accurate parts. We have to.

We have a wide variety of Vertical CNC Bridge Mills to meet all your needs, including:

  • MVR35 - 6,000 RPM - 90 degree & universal heads (244 x 137 x 43)
  • MPF 2640C - 10,000 RPM - (157 x 102 x 28)
  • MVS24 - 4,000RPM - (165 x 98 x 72)

Our documentation, production and quality controls (ISO 9001:2008), in conjunction with our modern equipment and expert skills of our employees, provide the same high standards required by Military and Aerospace customers. Accurate precision machining and fabrication is what we do.

Accurate Boring offers a variety of services and products, all designed to help you with your machining requirements. We can team up our experts and the right machining equipment to provide the most cutting-edge machining methods. Accurate Boring has a solution to your problem. Quality is our goal, We Achieve!